#Bryan Willis #Past Staff

Bryan Willis

Bryan formerly served as Contributing Editor for OLY ARTS. Bryan is co-founder of the Northwest Playwrights Alliance at Seattle Repertory Theatre. His writing and plays have appeared throughout the U.K., Israel, Japan, U.S. and Canada, including New York Theater Workshop, Milwaukee Rep, Unseam’d Shakespeare Co., ACT, Book-It Repertory Theatre and […]

Christina Butcher
#Christina Butcher #Past Staff

Christina Butcher

Christina Butcher is a linguist by profession and, in her free time, a published poet and book reviewer. She’s worked on several cultural preservation projects, including story archives for Yukon First Nations elders, and developed a passion for storytelling and community involvement. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from […]

#Jennifer Crain #Past Staff

Jennifer Crain

Jennifer Crain is a freelance writer based in the Pacific Northwest. Her work appears in print and online in national publications, regional magazines, trades, and newsletters. She is committed to good food, a subject she explore as a regular contributor to Edible Seattle, where she has written about indigenous fishers, […]

Nora Kovacs
#Nora Kovacs #Past Staff

Nora Kovacs

Nora Kovacs is a Hungarian-American writer, printmaker and aspiring curator with a bachelor’s degree from New York University. She is particularly interested in art theory and contemporary art and has written extensively for A.I.R. Gallery in New York and Berlin Art Link in Germany. Nora is from St. Louis, Missouri, […]

McKenzie Murray
#McKenzie Murray #Past Staff

McKenzie Murray

McKenzie Murray is a writer and student at the University of Washington. She’s lived in Olympia for the past seven years. She’s written for Thurston Talk and Olympia High School’s literary magazine, Wayward, and received a gold medal from the Scholastic art and writing awards for her poetry. Contact any […]

#Past Staff

Kelli Samson

Kelli Samson works as a high school English teacher, a blogger and a freelance writer based in Thurston County. She is a mother, friend, teacher, baker, writer, reader, film-watcher, and photographer. Contact any member of the OLY ARTS writing staff at

#Past Staff #Yvonne Joyce

Yvonne Joyce

Yvonne Joyce is a quilter, artist and writer recently retired to the Olympia area after many years in southern California, where she covered arts and culture for SB, Arts & Arts Southern CA, Arts Scene, the Orange County Register and other publications. Her work can be seen at the Olympia […]

#Karen Lunde #staff

Karen Lunde

Karen Lunde has been writing professionally since she was fifteen years old and covered high school basketball for her small-town newspaper, even though she was clueless about sports. In the late ’90s, she founded one of the first online workshops for writers, which was featured in articles about online education […]

#Kristopher Stewart #Past Staff

Kristopher Stewart

Kristopher Stewart is a freelance writer and college student in Washington state. After graduating from Timberline High School with three years of journalism experience on the staff of The Blazer, Timberline’s award-winning news magazine, he earned his associate’s degree from South Puget Sound Community College and is attending Western Washington […]

#staff #Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson is a long-time writer for The West-Seattle Herald and a recent transplant to the Olympia region. He hails originally from Bellingham, Washington, where he also worked on the staff of The Bellingham Herald.  Contact any member of the OLY ARTS writing staff at

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