The ladies of TUSH! Burlesque

by Christian Carvajal for OLY ARTS

Olympia’s TUSH! Burlesque has been cooperatively creating innovative and intelligent neo-burlesque since 2009. The troupe is a collective of vivacious women who were brought together by a shared vision: to rebel against commercial beauty standards. Its members represent an authentic and unconventional array of body types, ages and cultural identities in a powerful, intelligent and humorous way. The troupe’s upcoming event, Wet Hot Olympia Summer, will dazzle Obsidian on one of the steamiest nights of the year.

We Olympians can’t always rely on a rain-free summer, but we can be guaranteed that TUSH! always brings its special brands of heat, humor and sizzle to the stage. Wet Hot Olympia Summer will be hosted by Hattie Hotpants, who has appeared in several theatrical guises all over town. The current cast of TUSH! includes members Bettie Beelzebub, Edyn Beaver, Nani Poonani, Princess Lucky Buttons, Sly Violet and Valerie Veils, all of whom will perform for this event. Joining them will be a special guest star, Olympia-based aerialist and circus artist Sara Sparrow. This event is exclusively for those 21 and older, with VIP seating in the first two rows.

What: Wet Hot Olympia Summer

Where: Obsidian, 414 Fourth Ave. E

When: 7 and 10 p.m. Saturday, July 23

How much: $20-$26.87

Buy tickets: 360-890-4425 / Brown Paper Tickets