Sam Miller at Le Voyeur

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS

Seeing stand-up comedy live can be exhilarating. Even if the comedian is a seasoned performer, it’s never a given that a show will go smoothly; this uncertainty goes double for showcases featuring newer comics. Comedy without a net lends an electricity to the air that’s hard to find in other arts.

Vomity–an open-mic night that occurs Wednesdays at Le Voyeur–doesn’t shy away from this vibe, featuring both established comics and people who may be performing for the first time. Vomity host Sam Miller recently spoke about what makes this particular open mic stand out.

“I think what separates Vomity is this group of young Olympia comedians, including me, (who) do the show all the time,” says Miller. “Also, it is widely believed by many comedians in the Northwest–not just me–that we have one of the best audiences in comedy. October 22nd will be the two-year anniversary, and we have been relatively packed the whole time.”

What sets Vomity apart from other, similar programs is its insistence on material that refrains from racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic language and content. Miller and others involved in Vomity take care in ensuring that comics and audiences alike feel safe in exploring comedy without punching down.

“Punch up; don’t make fun of folks who have it worse than you do,” advises Miller. “Comedians from outside this community, as well as newer comedians, sometimes feel a need to ‘shock’ or to offend folks to get noticed. This type of comedy is boring to me. It’s been done…Does this mean you’re not going to hear this stuff at Vomity? No. I see it all the time. At Vomity, this humor usually fails, and comedians don’t like that feeling, so hopefully they switch it up.”

For interested performers, sign-up for each week’s show is on Tuesdays. There are only 20 spots available, though, so get in early.

What: Vomity

Where: Le Voyeur,
404 Fourth Ave. E, Olympia

When: 9 p.m. every Wednesday

How much: no cover, but donations accepted

Learn more: 360-943-5710 / Facebook