by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS

The band name Evolfo is a shortened version of its original, longer form, Evolfo Doofeht, which is itself a reverse spelling of “the food of love.” Having formed as college students in Boston, of course there’d be some pretentious designs on creating a band name, but those instincts have been steadily stripped away over the years. Since its 2011 formation, Evolfo has not only condensed its name but strengthened as a live unit, establishing a firecracker sound only now being rendered on album with its debut EP, Last of the Acid Cowboys.

What mainly defines the seven-piece band is its rhythm section, bolstered by three horns that give buoyancy to what might otherwise be standard garage rock. Now, however, the band’s sound approaches the grizzly vibe of a soul-punk act like the Heavy, with the brass to back it up. Evolfo makes songs that carry the rave-up energy of an Otis Day and the Knights, but with a fervent drive that portends whirlpools of erratic dancing.

“We’ve recorded some singles and stuff, but this is our first serious recording that we’re releasing,” says keyboardist Rafferty Swink, he with the novel-worthy name. “There’ll be another one coming in the spring…We tried not to put too many unnecessary deadlines on ourselves, and we ended up recording 16 songs. We’re releasing five in the fall and another five or six in the spring from that batch.”

What Last of the Acid Cowboys does so well is capture the live energy of Evolfo, painting Matthew Gibbs’ vulnerable lead vocals with layers of expressive horns and keys. There’s a vital levity to Evolfo that belies its expansive roster. For a band of seven men, this is an outfit that skips on the water with grace and alacrity while still packing a punch.

Evolfo’s West-Coast tour is now underway, hitting Olympia for the first time on Thursday. It’s an all-ages event, which Oly band Arsenic Lace will use to record its first album.

What: Evolfo (with Arsenic Lace and George Christian Pettis)

Where: The Dugout Recording House,
1015 10th Ave. SE #B, Olympia

When: 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22

How much: $7

Learn more: 510-299-2275 | Evolfo.com