The Fabricated Partner of Cody McGuire Premiere

The Olympia Film Society will present the debut feature film from writer and director Jonah Barrett, a film student at The Evergreen State College and staff writer for OLY ARTS. Barrett describes his film, The Fabricated Partner of Cody McGuire, as a mashup of the spy, science fiction, action and comedy genres.

This 76-minute narrative film introduces a naive clone named Mr. Perfect, a scientific attempt at the creation of “the perfect boyfriend.” Mr. Perfect escapes his creators and finds himself at the doorstep of Cody McGuire, a young woman who’s already dealing with serious problems. Scientists and spies converge on Mr. Perfect and Cody, and Cody must protect her new friend at all costs.

The Fabricated Partner of Cody McGuire is a joint production between Barrett and Alaskan filmmaker Jacob Earl. Filmed over three months in the summer of 2015, its ensemble cast includes Wyatt Gaer, Kela Kealakai, Rachel Millena Saul, Sarah Robertson and Dylan Saul.

Barrett said, “I’d been wanting to make a feature film for years, and in 2015 I finally felt like I was ready for it. A spy film had always been on my bucket list. I also wanted to write and direct a film that featured intense subject matter in a lighthearted way, without stripping it of its importance. I think if you want to educate audiences you should sneak your messages in like carrots in muffins. The audience absorbs the message while also being entertained.”

What: The Fabricated Partner of Cody McGuire

Where: Capitol Theater,
206 Fifth Ave. SE, Olympia

When: 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8

How much: $13

Buy tickets: 360-701-6658 | OFS