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WEEKEND PREVIEW is your weekly guide to events in Thurston County. This week, we’ll help you decide which concerts, shows and plays you can’t miss if you want to bring in the new year in style.

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Blue Lotus

Get your fill of alternative rock at the Ayron Jones and the Way with The Brown Edition concert at Rhythm & Rye.

Let the blues and rock ‘n’ roll tunes of Blue Lotus and the High Council move you at Rhythm & Rye.

Enjoy bluegrass at the Jim Page and Orville Johnson show at Traditions Café.


David Maldonado, Molly Quinn, Tad Mettler, Heidi Fredericks, Daniel Fassnacht and Henry Meyer in ATP's Les Miz

Lose yourself in the music of Apple Tree Productions’ Les Miserables at Tumwater High School.


Dance your way into 2017 at the New Year’s Eve Contra Dance: Au Contraire at the South Bay Grange Hall.

Other Events

Let the aerial and fabric performances of The Brotherhood Takes Flight! dazzle you at The Brotherhood Lounge.




Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Christian Doyle and Xander Layden in Stardust

Close out the holiday season with Olympia’s treasured play, The Stardust Christmas Enchantment, at Harlequin Productions.



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