2017: Pride Recognitions

by OLY ARTS staff

Each year, Capital City Pride recognizes local members of the community. Attendees at open Pride meetings throughout the year can nominate people for recognition, and the awardees are selected democratically as a community selection. This year, Capital City Pride chose to recognize the following three individuals:

2017 Pride Activist of the Year

Martin was recognized for her work in the community. As a founding member and program director of the Interfaith Works Emergency Shelter, she was instrumental in the creation of Thurston County’s first low-barrier harm-reduction shelter. She was also recognized for her volunteer work with Stonewall Rock Camp and Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project. Note that queer youth comprise up to 40 percent of homeless youth.



2017 Grand Parade Marshall

Rugarcia was recognized for his work with SafePlace and his outreach advocacy for providing better services to the LGBT community and women who are victims of domestic violence. Rugarcia recently served on the police advisory committee that formed after last year’s police shooting. The committee looks at issues of diversity and our relationship with marginalized community members, minority communities, the Latinx community and the LGBT community.






2017 Pride Day Award

Taylor was recognized for his ongoing commitment to the community, which includes volunteering for Capital City Pride, founding Empowerment Washington, his statewide leadership on LGBTQ rights and his service to the greater community.

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