Scott Cossu

by Molly Gilmore for OLY ARTS

Nationally known pianist Scott Cossu, who recently received a lifetime-achievement award from One World Music Radio, was one of the original Windham Hill artists. He keeps a sense of humor about his place in the new-age canon, describing his music as “new-and-improved age” and “heavy mental.” His latest recording, last year’s Safe in Your Arms, includes re-recorded versions of some of his new-age classics along with new compositions in the same style. Cossu will perform in Lacey with drummer Steve Banks and guitarist Lonnie Mardis. The concert will strike an upbeat note, Cossu said, with a set list of blues, boogie-woogie and jazz tunes along with up-tempo, new-age selections. He’ll even play the mambo.

What: Scott Cossu

Where: Huntamer Park,
618 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey

When: noon Wednesday, July 5

How much: free

Get tickets: 360-491-0857 | Scott Cossu