New Gallery Opens in Downtown Olympia

By Jonah Barrett

A new gallery opened its doors to downtown Olympia at August’s end. Pacific Northwest philosopher and photographer Rodrigo Etcheto’s Everything Is Full of Gods exclusively features black-and-white landscape work by the artist himself, with a constant rotation of images.

“I’ve been photographing for years and finally decided to take the plunge and open up my own space,” said Etcheto. The space, located on the corner of Fourth and Franklin, had been closed behind a chain-link fence since the Downtown Welcome Center was shuttered in late 2017. Etcheto called the number on the for-lease sign in the window and worked out a deal with the owner.

The gallery’s name is a reference to the beauty of nature, as well as to the epicurean and stoic philosophies to which Etcheto adheres. “I take mind to be a fundamental aspect of all matter,” he said. “If mind is what makes us divine, then everything that surrounds us is full of gods.”

Pacific Northwest surroundings creep into all of Etcheto’s work. Walking into the space, one quickly bears witness to the awesome power of the coast, forests, lakes and mountains that make up our home. “There is always something new to find,” Etcheto said. “I go out in storms in particular. There’s something about a misty forest that gets me every time. People actually travel here from all over the world to go on photographic expeditions.” The photographer’s chosen medium of black and white draws a deeply gothic mood from the Cascadian environment, and Etcheto’s presentation highlights his best compositions of Washington’s dramatic, melancholy landscapes. “I’ve noticed that, a lot of times, when you live here,” said Etcheto, “you explore less than people that travel here from far away. So a lot of locals have never been to these unique and gorgeous hidden treasures we have, especially on the peninsula.”

Etcheto hopes his gallery will be the first of many, with artists taking matters into their own hands and presenting work in public spaces. “I think our art scene is going to explode in the next few years and put us on the map,” he said. “We’re a very creative place, and I hope more artists take the risk and help us take Olympia to the next level.”

New pizzeria Wicked Pies co-presented a grand opening of Everything Is Full of Gods on August 31.



Everything is Full of Gods gallery


Gallery open 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday


Everything Is Full of Gods

301 Fourth Ave. E


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