OLY ARTS Suspends Print Edition for Readers’ Safety in Response to COVID-19

A letter from the publisher to our readers:

In response to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, and following the recommendations of the CDC and other officials, I have decided that we will postpone the printing and distribution of OLY ARTS magazines until further notice.

You may be asking why I have chosen to take this step. I believe it is the right choice for all of us, and I think more publishers should follow our lead to protect our readers’ health and safety.

We print several thousand copies of our magazine and distribute them for free in many communities throughout Thurston, Pierce and Mason counties. By doing so, we’re encouraging the community to interact with one another, touch our magazines, share them with friends or family and have meaningful conversations around our content. That is a vital part of OLY ARTS’ mission to make a premium arts and culture experience accessible.

However, it would be irresponsible of us to continue this encouragement of community gathering and sharing when “social distancing” and event cancellations are the norm.

Although you will not find copies of OLY ARTS on the tables of your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, theatre, etc., please remember that all of our content is available for free here at olyarts.org. I will continue to bring you as much content as we’re able, highlighting the wonderful arts and culture that our area has to offer, with less focus on event attendance, and greater focus on arts accessibility and equity.

We are in unprecedented times. Our local performers, musicians and other artists are losing opportunities to show their talents. Our local arts institutions and venues are canceling upcoming events and losing thousands in revenue. As communities, it is now our responsibility to continue to support these artists and organizations however we can.

OLY ARTS is not a nonprofit organization. However, we are a small, independent community publication. I’m lucky to manage a diverse team of many contributors, editors, distributors, a salesperson and a designer. In order to meet our mission and provide the best possible free arts coverage in our community, we rely on partnerships with local arts supporters and organizations. If you feel that continued coverage of our local arts and culture is important to you, I invite you to join our list of supporters by making a small contribution at paypal.me/olyarts.

I know that we will make it through this uncertain time of we continue to focus on what’s important — the health, safety and stability of our local communities and populations.

Thank you to all our readers and supporters.

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