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Kelli Samson

Kelli Samson works as a high school English teacher, a blogger and a freelance writer based in Thurston County. She is a mother, friend, teacher, baker, writer, reader, film-watcher, and photographer. Contact any member of the OLY ARTS writing staff at

#Past Staff #Yvonne Joyce

Yvonne Joyce

Yvonne Joyce is a quilter, artist and writer recently retired to the Olympia area after many years in southern California, where she covered arts and culture for SB, Arts & Arts Southern CA, Arts Scene, the Orange County Register and other publications. Her work can be seen at the Olympia […]

#Kristopher Stewart #Past Staff

Kristopher Stewart

Kristopher Stewart is a freelance writer and college student in Washington state. After graduating from Timberline High School with three years of journalism experience on the staff of The Blazer, Timberline’s award-winning news magazine, he earned his associate’s degree from South Puget Sound Community College and is attending Western Washington […]

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