CINE•FILES: Okko’s Inn

By Ellis Boran

Okko’s Inn is about a young Japanese girl who becomes a junior innkeeper with help from three ghosts that represent relations of her friends and family.

The characters are lovable and memorable, and the narrative is easy to follow. The animation gets an “A+” because of its amazing detail when it comes to movement – vehicles would drive by background scenery so smoothly, as if someone re-made our actual world in an anime art style.

The movie could’ve done better with a bit more character development, but only in the case of certain characters. For example, the grandmother of Okko always seemed like a supervisor throughout the whole movie, with just a brief glimpse of her wilder younger self.

Other characters seemed brought into the story for the sake of character abundance. The main characters actually had great development though – over time they would change their thoughts and opinions. Viewers will see what I mean when viewing the film.

I thought some dialogue could have been omitted to make the movie a bit more focused on the importance of some situations. But overall, the movie was really enjoyable!

I would recommend!


Okko’s Inn


11 a.m. Saturdays, Oct 12 – 26


Capitol Theater,
206 Fifth Ave. SE, Olympia


Free for kids 12 and under



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