• Teeny Tine Zine Fair Celebrates the Subversive, Alternative and Unlikely World of DIY Publishing
    “One of the cool things about zines is that there aren’t really any rules,” says Aggie Burstein, curator of Timberland Regional Library’s Zine Library and chief organizer of the Teeny Tiny Zine Fair, whose own definition doesn’t go further than “an independently created publication that anyone can make, about anything, for any reason.” 
  • Review: Wonderful Wizard of Oz at Olympia Family Theater
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz at Olympia Family Theater comprises both young and not-so-young actors, smoothly stirred into a well-tuned ensemble; part of the fun of watching it is the speed and energy with which the story is rolled out, almost like street theater, or commedia, or circus.
  • The King in Yellow, a Review
    Theatre Artists Olympia’s The King in Yellow, a world premiere play by Olympia playwright and actor Xander Layden, runs through May 26 at OlyTheater in Capital Mall. The first act is an intelligent and funny comedy of manners with hints of something else beneath the surface. Act Two is an edge-of-your-seat horror show.
  • Xander Layden’s Funny Horror Tale The King in Yellow
    The King in Yellow, a world-premiere play running May 10-26, is penned by well-known Olympia actor Xander Layden. “It’s like nothing I’ve seen around here,” said director Pug Bujeaud, “It’s like nothing I’ve seen anywhere. It’s cosmic. It’s a progression from Victorian romantic comedy of manners to existential horror. It’s not an arc that you see very often in theater.”
  • Epic Compositions Collide at the Spring Concert Series from the Capital City Chorus
    Capital City Chorus’ 2024 spring concert on May 3 & 4, presents “Requiem” from Herbert Howells and “It is Happiness” from Joan Szymko. “I don’t think anyone’s ever programmed these two pieces together … and it’s, I think it’s going to be very, very fun to move from one to the other,” said Vicki Jardine-Tobin, director of the Chorale.
  • Olympia Animation Society Forges an Animation Community for the Next Generation
    One of the newest clubs formed by students at The Evergreen State College, the Olympia Animation Society, was founded by Evergreen students Caira Olinger and Laika Taddei. “There’s a lot of people looking into animation, in media arts.” said Olinger.
  • TAM’s “Soft Power” Exhibition Delivers Tour de Force of Contemporary Textile-Based Art
    by Dave R. Davison Soft Power, an exhibition of textile art now running at Tacoma Art Museum opened October 14, 2023 and runs through September 1, 2024 and offers an expansive, colorful and provocative experience. Had we world enough and time, a person could no doubt write a whole book exploring the many facets of …

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  • The Return of Double Shot Festival
    “Double Shot Festival of Overnight Plays” is a weekend play festival produced by Theater Northwest in partnership with Northwest Playwrights Alliance at Tacoma Arts Live at Tacoma Armory, on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 in which the same five 10-minute plays are written, rehearsed, and performed, all within 24 hours — a challenge to playwrights, actors and directors — and an opportunity to creatively present new, short-form theater in a dynamic way.
  • South Sound Reading Foundation Benefit Brings Ethan’s Smile
    The South Sound Reading Foundation will host its annual benefit breakfast fundraiser, “Readers are Leaders,” at the Lacey Community Center on Thursday, April 11. Keynote speaker Stacy Chapin’s son Ethan is one of the four University of Idaho students murdered in Moscow, Idaho on the night of November 13, 2022.
  • Celtic Duo in the Intimate Gathering Place
    Internationally known piper Dick Hensold and singer/guitarist Patsy O’Brien are playing April 11 in the intimate Gathering Place at New Traditions Fair Trade.
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