Review: Wonderful Wizard of Oz at Olympia Family Theater

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz at Olympia Family Theater comprises both young and not-so-young actors, smoothly stirred into a well-tuned ensemble; part of the fun of watching it is the speed and energy with which the story is rolled out, almost like street theater, or commedia, or circus.

Barney Carey Gets His Wings at Olympia Family Theater

Olympia Family Theater’s executive director Mark Alford who plays Barney’s dad in “Barney Carey Gets His Wings” said, “The show is hilarious, but it doesn’t sacrifice any heart. At its core [it] is a discussion of self-identity and self-expression.”

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical to Premiere at the Olympia Family Theater

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is full of rock-tinged tunes and is based on the popular book, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Featuring a multigenerational cast, Olympia Family Theater’s production of The Lightning Thief [October 6 – 29] is set to be a show that dazzles the stage with singing, dancing, action and adventure.

Review: The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus

Olympia Family Theater’s excellent production of “The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus” is exquisitely designed with consistently engaging work by the ensemble of 12 adult and kid actors. This is the story of a group of kids who discover an all-important connection and value to the natural world is a compelling tale for all ages.

OFT whipping up fresh Tales

“One day there is nothing, and the next day there are six brand-new plays,” said storyteller and impresario Elizabeth Lord, who is curating the festival, which last happened in 2018. “It is mind-boggling. These plays can now be performed elsewhere. They will be scripts that live.”

Nyz, Adi Vannice / Ursa the Bear, Kate Schmitz / Tullimora, Right hand - Isla Morgan, Left hand, Carly Melchers, Body, Jesse Morrow

Nyx and the Long Night Opens at Olympia Family Theatre

An original winter folk myth from Olympia Family Theater. Everything changed the day they dropped the sun. Now, the world has been dark for a very long time – an endless winter solstice. Perhaps a young woman named Nyx will be the answer. Part girl, part tree, and raised under the light of the stars, her magic and courage might just save the world.

REVIEW: The Secret Garden at Olympia Family Theater

Olympia Family Theater with String & Shadow Puppet Theater is performing a modern adaptation of “The Secret Garden.” This one is set this year in the Pacific Northwest and written by award-winning playwright Mabelle Reynoso with a Latinx perspective. And it has punk rock music, talking creatures, magical plants and puppets.

A New Season of Resilience for Live Theater in Olympia

Harlequin Productions calls its 2023 season a “Resilience Season.” That appellation could well apply to all local live theater after more than two years of Covid. Here’s a great season preview for all local theaters, including Harlequin, Olympia Family Theater, Olympia Little Theatre, Broadway Olympia, and SPSCC.

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