OLY ARTS doesn’t usually set up photo shoots or pay for photographers to photograph events on site in real time. We do so only for a special event, such as Procession of the Species, and event-specific coverage is arranged by flat fee, not by hourly rate. If you are interested in photographing an event and having your work featured in print or online, please contact us, but be aware that we don’t do this type of event coverage on a regular basis.


OLY ARTS does regularly license previously produced photographs from local photographers in the Olympia and South Sound region. If you have photographed a local event that you believe would be a good fit with our cover aesthetic, please do let us know by emailing a proof sheet to We promise we will never publish any photo or sample without an agreement in writing from you for use of that work. If we choose a photo from your set, we do pay between $100-$300 for one-time cover usage, and we provide cover credit for the photographer.

Please note that we pay for original work only that is exclusively licensed to OLY ARTS for print — we do not pay for photos provided by artistic venues or local businesses for use in coverage of their events or products. 


OLY ARTS is happy to re-publish your album of photos from a special event, such as Procession of the Species or Books by the Bay on our social media channels. We do have significant traffic on our site and online, and this has been beneficial to some local photographers.

We do not re-publish photos on social media without explicit permission from the photographer, and we strive to provide full credit to the photographer for their work. We typically provide a backlink as well to the original album or photography site. We do this at the request of local photographers, and not because we make any money off of the photos themselves.

We urge you to watermark your photos, and OLY ARTS respects watermarks and intellectual property ownership. However, OLY ARTS does not pay to license photos for social media usage, with the exception of our cover photo, and we license both print and online usage for that photograph.


While OLY ARTS considers ourselves an ethical business and intends to fully respect the intellectual and creative rights of photographers and artists, occasionally mistakes do happen with writers, editors or even our publisher. If you find that one of your photos has been used without your stated written permission by OLY ARTS, either in print or online or in OLY ARTS social media channels, contact our publisher at and we will act promptly to make amends and provide you with compensation for your work.

OLY ARTS believes artists should be paid for their work