2nd Annual Black Artists Exhibition

Curated by a panel of art jurists, the 2nd Annual Black Artists Exhibition highlights Black creators in our community. The exhibition includes several opportunities for members of the public to engage with the art and artists, including Gallery Talks by 12 of the 22 exhibition artists, a community reception, and a Family Day which will …

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Printmaking Exchange & Exhibition

Join us in The Gallery (Building 4) at Tacoma Community College for a three-week Printmaking Exhibition, featuring flora and fauna-themed prints!

The Art That Surrounds You, All in One Place: Tacoma Armory

“Another thing I think is different and nice about this event is that it’s not just visual artists,” Daniel Garcia continues. “In some cases, we have literary artists, we have poets, we have dancers, so we’re really trying to find that whole realm of artistry and bring it through to Arts at the Armory.”

Artist Profile: The One and Only Rene Westbrook

Rene Westbrook engages the viewer as a visual oracle of creative ideas that can stimulate the senses and become the vehicle for hidden mysteries she wants to explore. Painting, collage, sculpture, and photography work as a catalyst for her latest direction of inquiry, digital compilations.

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