Karen Lunde

Karen Lunde has been writing professionally since she was fifteen years old and covered high school basketball for her small-town newspaper, even though she was clueless about sports. In the late ’90s, she founded one of the first online workshops for writers, which was featured in articles about online education in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and twice selected by Writers Digest as one of its annual “101 Best Websites for Writers.” After she sold her writing site in 2001, she became a video games journalist and spent nine years being the mom her teenage kids’ friends envied. She now freelances, writing primarily about communication for Grammarly.com, the blog for the popular writing app. She sings, plays piano, and is virtually unable to pass a unique musical instrument without buying it. Since she moved to Olympia in 2015, The Olympia Peace Choir has become her musical tribe.
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