CINE•FILES: Howl’s Moving Castle

By Ellis Boran

Howl’s Moving Castle is about a girl named Sophie Pendragon who has her youth stolen from her by an evil witch. She then meets a magic scarecrow who is the result of a spell set by an evil entity’s henchman. The scarecrow leads Sophie to the mobile castle powered by a demon named Calcipher, and a powerful spellcaster named Howl. I love how the movie sets balanced standards for the characters’ personalities; the consistency demonstrates talented writing. The movie is also extremely detailed, from the small objects such as the cracked teacups to the complexity of the major highlights of the story. Although, I thought that in the beginning of the movie, the order was slightly abrupt.

For example, when the witch entered, it seemed that she stole Sophie’s youth too soon and without explanation. However, the reason becomes clear later in the story. The movie was rich with emotion, characters would laugh, it would seem like they are worried, and some scenes were desperate.

Overall, the movie was very heartwarming and as moving as the castle itself. If you keep an open mind, you’ll be sure to enjoy the film.

(This article appears courtesy Olympia Film Society.)


Howl’s Moving Castle


11 a.m. Saturday, June 1, 8 , 15 and 29


Capitol Theater, 206 5th Avenue SE Olympia


Call the box office for prices, kids 12 and under free.