CINE•FILES: Detective Pikachu

By Ellis Boran

Detective Pikachu, nominated for three Teen Choice Awards in 2019, is based in a fictional city inhabited by creatures called Pokémon. The movie is about a young man who hopes to find his dad. His dad was/is a detective, and he’s presumed dead from a car accident.

The protagonist, Tim, and his companion, Pikachu, travel around the region searching for evidence relating to the presumed death. Tim and Pikachu are also accompanied by two unique, well-acted characters which include the Pokémon profile expert, Lucy, and her Pokémon partner, Psyduck.

The movie has excellent special effects that are so well-done the movie could easily win an award just for that. The movie could improve in how the characters reacted to some events, so over-exuberantly to some everyday things and so calmly to things that are, literally, out of this world.

Though the movie did have its downfalls, it did a remarkable job and will probably incite films in the future to work hard on special effects.

(This article appears courtesy Olympia Film Society.)


Detective Pikachu


11 a.m. Saturdays, Sept 14-28


Capitol Theater,
206 Fifth Ave. SE, Olympia


Free for kids 12 and under



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