Paintings by Bill Collins and Collages by Gail Ramsey Wharton at Allsorts Gallery

ART REVIEW by Alec Clayton for OLY ARTS Bill Collins and Gail Ramsey Wharton are the perfect pairing for a Halloween show. The imagery in Wharton’s collages is bizarre and highly inventive, and Collins’s recent paintings of houses and cars are downright spooky. Plus, the weirdness in both is done with tongue firmly planted in …

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OLY ARTS Presents Wordsmiths Episode Three: “Buying The Book.”

By Editor Wordsmiths was filmed with independent writers in mind over the period of three episodes. Each interview focuses on a different stage of a manuscript’s journey, using literary organizations and businesses in the South Sound as an example. The series was created by Jonah Barrett, marketing director at Olympia Film Society and OLY ARTS …

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