Your Guide to Autumn & Fall Arts Walk 2023

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Fall Again – Arts and Entertainment

by Alec Clayton

Fall is a time for rebirth, for rejuvenation, especially when coming in the wake of a scorching dry summer and a pandemic that refuses to go away. Children return to school, and there will be football — Friday Night Lights at area high schools and U-Dub and Seahawks on the telly. Fall marks the beginning of the new theatrical season … And the biggest, most extravagant arts event of all: Olympia’s fall Arts Walk October 6 and 7.

Arts Walk Cover Artist Jennifer Kuhns Has Come a Long Way

by Molly Gilmore

Spring Arts Walk cover artist Jennifer Kuhns has been there before — and she’s come a long way. Kuhns, well known for her glass mosaics, first had her work on the cover of the Arts Walk map back in spring 2007. This fall, she’s done it again with Olympia Reflections.

Danse Macabre

by Christian Carvajal

“Those who dream by day,” wrote Edgar Allan Poe, “are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” If that’s true, we all have much to learn from the inveterate daydreamers of Theater Artists Olympia.

CaTMA Gallery’s Group Exhibition Explores Intimate Conversation Through a Unique Creative Process

by Molly Walsh

CaTMA Gallery curator China Star hand-picked local artists to participate in this experimental exhibition. Intentionally choosing creatives with different backgrounds and art styles, Star was curious how these artists might interpret a common concept.

Our Cover Artist Mikaela Shafer — Recent and Past Work

by Lynette Charters Serembe

Ms. Shafer’s works are abstract in nature and very materials forward. They’re open to us projecting our own interpretations, memories, and imagery onto the earth rich colors and swirling compositions; teamed with her beautiful poetry, we are directed to what they mean to her personally and the reasons she created them.

Visit Community Print During Artswalk

by Molly Walsh

For over two decades, Community Print has helped to bolster the art of printmaking in Olympia and surrounding areas. The Arts Walk exhibition is slated to include more introspective themes, reflecting on local history, while also asking greater questions about life and community. This exhibition will include interactive elements and will invite participation from attendees.

Airbound Arts

by James O’Barr

Founded in 2016, Airbound Arts provides classes, workshops and open gym for people with aerial circus experience, and for people taking classes at their circus-arts partners’ Sparrow Studios. Whether a seasoned professional or a first-time performer, an aerialist, a contortionist, an acrobat, or a juggler, all are invited to be part of Airbound’s Circus Spectacular. The all-ages Spectacular includes mature content. Doors open half an hour before the show begins.

Sandra Bocas and Toni Lawrence Fine Art Show (with a side of Hot Babe Hotsauce)

by Lynette Charters Serembe

Toni Lawrence and Sandra Bocas’ works both draw from impressionism with a fauvist sensibility. They share a love of bold gestures and vibrant color. The difference in media and texture keep things lively. It proves to be a great show – with a dash of Bocas’ Hot Babe Hotsauce.

OLYARTS Is Now Non-Profit!


“I am excited to transition OLY ARTS to a great new non-profit team,” said OLY ARTS founder Ned Hayes. “The newly formed board of directors of OLY ARTS brings deep experience in the arts and a true passion for arts promotion.”

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Fog and Fern Coffee House, Olympic Crest Coffee Roasters

Bluebeard Cafe, Dancing Goats, Valhalla Coffee, Metropolitan Market, Procter Art Gallery.

Landmark Tavern

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