OLY ARTS seeks additional freelance writers with knowledge of the Olympia arts and cultural scene. We are specifically looking for writers who specialize in popular music, local music, classical music and handcrafts. If you’ve published in local, school, magazines or regional newspapers, deliver two tear sheets from your published journalism to the OLY ARTS managing editor at


OLY ARTS is seeking NEW distributors for Spring Arts Walk in 2018

OLY ARTS will be distributing at Olympia Spring Arts Walk 2018. You will be the public face of a great organization giving away a wonderful publication! This is not a job for introverts—you’ll be talking to hundreds of people and getting them excited about our thriving artistic community.

Apply to be a distributor here: 
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OLY ARTS is dedicated to coverage of the amazing theater, arts and culture our community creates. Few cities in the nation, even fewer in the Pacific Northwest, enjoy the diversity of theater, arts and creative expression we’re so privileged to experience right here at home. The focus of our coverage is “hyper-local.” We cover Olympia artists first and highlight art created and expressed in this city.