The Return of Double Shot Festival

“Double Shot Festival of Overnight Plays” is a weekend play festival produced by Theater Northwest in partnership with Northwest Playwrights Alliance at Tacoma Arts Live at Tacoma Armory, on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 in which the same five 10-minute plays are written, rehearsed, and performed, all within 24 hours — a challenge to playwrights, actors and directors — and an opportunity to creatively present new, short-form theater in a dynamic way.

‘Imagine Monet’ enlivens the paintings of impressionist master at Tacoma Armory

An immersive art exhibit, “Imagine Monet,” featuring giant projections of more than 200 paintings of Claude Monet is running at the Tacoma Armory through April 14. At “Imagine Monet”, you find yourself standing in a space surrounded on all sides by a panoply of color. The work of the iconic French impressionist is blasted onto the walls all around; on the floor even.

The Art That Surrounds You, All in One Place: Tacoma Armory

“Another thing I think is different and nice about this event is that it’s not just visual artists,” Daniel Garcia continues. “In some cases, we have literary artists, we have poets, we have dancers, so we’re really trying to find that whole realm of artistry and bring it through to Arts at the Armory.”

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