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Grammy-Nominated Aizuri Quartet: Bringing Us “Home”

By Lucy Volker Kicking off its fifth year as Seattle’s up-and-coming classical music company, Emerald City Music often graces the pages of OLY ARTS with showcases featuring world-renowned artists who specialize in reimagining the boundaries of classical music. This year is no exception; come February 15, the Grammy-nominated Aizuri Quartet […]

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A Londoner and a Local Walk Into a Theater…

By Lucy Volker Transformation is the theme for Harlequin’s 2020 season. They begin the New Year with Noises Off and The Highest Tide. Riffing on the season’s theme, Noise’s Off is said to be “one of the funniest plays ever written, offering the community some much-needed comedic relief.” The Highest […]

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Arts and Culture Events This Memorial Day Weekend

By Billy Thomas As the weather continues to warm up, and the sun — that’s that bright thing in the sky, for those of us who have forgotten, due to its infrequent presence — begins to shine brighter, the promise of a long weekend is a reprieve from the slog. […]

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A Year of Growth for Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia

By LUCY VOLKER Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia (SOGO) provides musical education, technical training and performance opportunities for aspiring, young musicians. The group offers a variety of intensive classes and training programs for elementary, middle and high-school-aged youth. SOGO aims to prepare students for careers in classical music. Its programs […]

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Lyle Lovett Returns to the Washington Center with John Hiatt

By Lucy Volker Legendary musicians Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt will be performing together at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts this February. “Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt are both outstanding singer-songwriters in their own right. Their lyrics and musicality is authentic and entertaining. To hear them performing together […]

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