OLY ARTS Spring 2024 Print Edition

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Tacoma Spring Theatre Preview

Tacoma Spring Theatre Preview – by Adam McKinney
By now, we’ve become used to the bounty of quality offerings that local theaters in South Puget Sound routinely churn out. No matter where you may find yourself, you’re constantly reminded of just how much talent is bound to be lurking in the woodwork. So, just as a taste from up north, here are some theatrical Spring gems to look out for in the Tacoma area.

Hear the banjo transport and immerse you like never before

Kendl Winter has arrived at Banjo Mantras, an instrumental album that fully leans into what the banjo is capable of doing when completely disconnected from the baggage of bluegrass. To hear the spritely dance of banjo music you need only pick up the album at Winter’s release party on March 1st at New Traditions in Olympia.

How The Drink Stole Christmas

The Seafarer at Lakewood Playhouse is a Christmas fable that mightily hoists up the light and the dark on either of its shoulders, resulting in a dark comedy and family drama that still, somehow, defies characterization.

The Art That Surrounds You, All in One Place: Tacoma Armory

“Another thing I think is different and nice about this event is that it’s not just visual artists,” Daniel Garcia continues. “In some cases, we have literary artists, we have poets, we have dancers, so we’re really trying to find that whole realm of artistry and bring it through to Arts at the Armory.”

Tumwater Foundation Presents an Afternoon of Local Authors

By Adam McKinney As autumn rolls along in Washington, the days getting shorter, the air taking on that familiar bite, more folks will be choosing to stay indoors and curl up with a good book. While readers can surely find many good selections on The New York Times Best Seller List, the question bares: why …

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A Mosaic Mural for the Plum Street Tiny Home Village

By Alec Clayton For three days in July, volunteers will get together to create a mosaic mural for the Plum Street Tiny Home Village in Olympia. Participants will create a welcome sign measuring roughly three by five feet comprising several small, house-shaped mosaics. The project is spearheaded by Stacey Waterman-Hoey, director and founder of Arbutus …

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Tiny Holes

By ­Adam McKinney Tiny Holes seemed destined for underground music fame, if they hadn’t disbanded so quickly. The Olympia band only had a few months over the course of 1980 and ’81, in which to spread their delightfully inscrutable New Wave and art-rock stylings, before going their separate ways, with no full-length album ever released. …

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