Man Forever: Percussive Art in Olympia

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS Man Forever represents something of a music nerd’s platonic ideal. Led by John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions), the vocalist, drummer, and creative backbone of New York noise-rock titans heavyweights Oneida, Man Forever takes artistic ambition and makes a game of how far it can be stretched with complex syncopation …

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The Illustrious Ms. Hattie Hotpants

Behind the Scenes of Cabaret Derriere

by Christian Carvajal for OLY ARTS The creators and performers of Olympia’s Own TUSH! Burlesque are promotional wordsmiths, though some of their enticements are unprintable here. For the troupe’s recurring series at Obsidian, it promises “a titillating romp to celebrate Halloween,” with lots of “sizzle, sass and fabulous fun.” When asked about the name of …

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Derek M Johnson

Olympia Experimental Music Festival

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS It’s easy for one’s ears to get comfortable listening to the sounds that regularly come drifting off the radio — background music, singalongs, crowd-pleasing jams that everyone with a head and heart can get on board with. This complacency can form a barrier in the head, a moat around …

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envelope from Sam Miller

Sam Miller’s Letters From Jail

by Molly Gilmore for OLY ARTS This Thursday evening, comedian Sam Miller is getting serious. Miller, host of the weekly open-mic event Vomity (9 p.m. Wednesdays at Le Voyeur), shares the story of his time in jail in The Jail Letters Project, based on letters he exchanged with mom Mary Soehnlen. If you know Miller, …

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"Lord Franzannian," photo by Heather Schofner

Lord Franzannian’s Royal Olympian Spectacular Vaudeville Show

by Molly Gilmore for OLY ARTS Veteran vaudevillian Lord Franzannian is back in town. Franzannian is the host of Lord Franzannian’s Royal Olympian Spectacular Vaudeville Show, the 10th edition of which opens Oct. 14. He’s also the alter ego of storyteller/actor/director/producer Elizabeth Lord, transformed with rosy cheeks, a fake mustache and a big belly she …

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Vivien Greene, Toni Young and Giovanna Righini, 1981

Banned in DC Chronicles the Punk Scene

by Molly Gilmore for OLY ARTS The photo book Banned in DC, about the punk scene in the nation’s capital, was published in 1988—so quickly that some questioned whether it was too soon to document the scene. Nearly three decades later, co-author Cynthia Connolly has produced a seventh edition and is making stops around the …

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Poppet Stands Out

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS In an indie music culture which, in the past decade or so, favors stripped-down bands that offer no-frills music and disaffected live shows, Molly Raney’s Poppet project is thrilling in its efforts to craft a performance that truly leaves an impression. That the music stands on its own is …

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Oh, Rose

From O. Rose to Oh, Rose

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS Making the transition from singer-songwriter to a full band can be a challenge for some. For Olivia Rose, the decision to put down her acoustic guitar and form the full-band version of her solo Oh, Rose project was one made out of necessity. “It really started, I guess, because …

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