Olympia Symphony Orchestra – “Olympians & Titans”

www.olympiasymphony.org/april Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook Following two concerts challenging us to imagine a world “beyond firsts” and “beyond barriers,” our season concludes with us seeing “beyond dreams.” Music Director Alexandra Arrieche’s first season, “Dream With Us,” concludes with a triumphant finale titled “Olympians and Titans.” THE MUSIC: CROUCHING TIGER […]


Join us for Alexandra Arrieche’s first subscription concert at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts as the Olympia Symphony’s new Music Director and Conductor! The first woman to ever conduct the Olympia Symphony, Alexandra will take you on a journey to imagine our world “beyond the firsts.” (Note: This […]

Olympia Symphony Orchestra – “Breaking the Glass”

The second in a series of “love letters to the community,” Music Director Alexandra Arrieche presents a program that breaks barriers that we have constructed within our world and amongst ourselves, and imagines a future of unity, belonging, and understanding. THE MUSIC: ESTANCIA – Alberto Ginastera (1941) Alberto Ginastera’s Estancia […]

Audition for SOGO! May 25, 26, & 28

Student musicians from one year experience to advanced high school are invited to audition for the 2021-2022 SOGO Season. All auditions will be held remotely via ZOOM.  Musicians are asked to perform a solo or etude of their choice and sight-read during the 15-minute placement audition. Visit StudentOrchestras.org today for […]