Guide to Olympia Theaters

Rick Pearlstein as Prospero and J Benway as Caliban in OLT's The Tempest

Rick Pearlstein as Prospero and J Benway as Caliban in OLT’s “The Tempest”

The Olympia area hosts a wealth of local theatrical companies, all of which showcase the work of professional actors, noted directors and outstanding scenic and technical design. Nearly every weekend of the year, you can enjoy a live stage show in the Olympia area!

If you enjoy live onstage entertainment, Olympia provides plays for families (Olympia Family Theater), world premiere drama and outstanding musicals (Harlequin Productions) Shakespearean tragedy and comedy (Animal Fire, Harlequin), theater workshops for young people (Creative Theatre Experience, Pacific Northwest Theater, Olympia Family), classic and new drama in a black box (Olympia Little Theater) and experimental and cutting-edge theater for all ages (Theater Artists Olympia). Details on each playhouse are provided below, in the OLY ARTS theater guide.


Live Theater in Olympia

Brian Jansen and Kathryn Philbrook in Much Ado About Nothing at OLT

Olympia Little Theatre: Oldest Theater in Town

Incorporated in October 1939, Olympia Little Theatre is the oldest live theater in...

Amy Shephard and Kate Kraay in Or, at Harlequin Productions

Harlequin Productions

Harlequin Productions is a professional not-for-profit theater company at the State...

Olympia Family Theater

by Christian Carvajal for OLY ARTS Olympia Family Theater (OFT) is dedicated to bringing...

Creative Theatre Experience (CTE)

Creative Theatre Experience (CTE) has offered unique opportunities to students in first...

Christopher Rocco, Mark Alford and Alayna Chamberland in The Credeaux Canvas at TAO

Theater Artists Olympia

Theater Artists Olympia (TAO, pronounced “dao”) has been committed to making...

Pacific Northwest Theater

Pacific Northwest Theater (PNT), headed by managing artistic director Steven Wells,...

Peter Beard and Jay Minton in Macbeth from Animal Fire Theatre Group

Animal Fire Theatre Group

Animal Fire Theatre Group was started by a group of theater students fresh out of the...