Guy Bergstrom

Guy Bergstrom is a speechwriter and speech coach and is a member of the Professional Speechwriters Association. He is also an award-winning reporter and a contributing editor to Criminal Element and The Big Thrill. He now hosts the popular writing and pop culture blog The Red Pen of DoomHe was a contributing writer for The New York Times, as their expert on public relations, publicity and scandals. He holds a journalism degree from Western Washington University, where he was editor-in-chief of the Western newspaper. He was once shot at by a sniper in a small town: if you cut him, he bleeds newsprint.

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Writing by Guy Bergstrom

STOMP, photo by Steve McNicholas

Stomp Clangs Its Way to Olympia

by Guy Bergstrom for OLY ARTS The international hit Stomp—which first hit the London...

"The Bangles" at Night of the Living Tribute Bands 2015

Night of the Living Tribute Bands 2016

by Guy Bergstrom for OLY ARTS Art never dies–and nothing sticks to people more than...

The Nashville Tribute Band

All-Stars in The Nashville Tribute Band

by Guy Bergstrom for OLY ARTS Bands come and go–but The Nashville Tribute Band has...

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