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Molly Walsh

Molly Walsh is a writer and photographer, freelancing for Thurston Talk and the Shelton-Mason County Journal in addition to OLY ARTS. Her reporting assignments take her throughout the South Sound and she loves finding new people to meet and new stories to tell. You can always find Molly with a […]


Alec Clayton

OLY ARTS Editor Alec Clayton is an artist and writer. In addition to being the editor of and writing for OLY ARTS, he has written art and theater reviews and other feature articles for the Weekly Volcano, The News Tribune, Art Access, The Olympian, and Thurston Talk. His published novels […]


Molly Gilmore

Molly Gilmore has written for many years on arts, culture and entertainment. She writes for OLY ARTS, The Olympian, The News Tribune and a variety of other South Sound publications. Contact any member of the OLY ARTS writing staff at editorial@olyarts.com.

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Guy Bergstrom

Guy Bergstrom is a speechwriter and speech coach and is a member of the Professional Speechwriters Association. He is also an award-winning reporter and a contributing editor to Criminal Element and The Big Thrill. He now hosts the popular writing and pop culture blog The Red Pen of Doom. He was a […]

Christina Butcher
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Christina Butcher

Christina Butcher is a linguist by profession and, in her free time, a published poet and book reviewer. She’s worked on several cultural preservation projects, including story archives for Yukon First Nations elders, and developed a passion for storytelling and community involvement. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from […]

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Jennifer Crain

Jennifer Crain is a freelance writer based in the Pacific Northwest. Her work appears in print and online in national publications, regional magazines, trades, and newsletters. She is committed to good food, a subject she explore as a regular contributor to Edible Seattle, where she has written about indigenous fishers, […]

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Kelli Samson

Kelli Samson works as a high school English teacher, a blogger and a freelance writer based in Thurston County. She is a mother, friend, teacher, baker, writer, reader, film-watcher, and photographer. Contact any member of the OLY ARTS writing staff at editorial@olyarts.com.

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Kristopher Stewart

Kristopher Stewart is a freelance writer and college student in Washington state. After graduating from Timberline High School with three years of journalism experience on the staff of The Blazer, Timberline’s award-winning news magazine, he earned his associate’s degree from South Puget Sound Community College and is attending Western Washington […]

Adam McKinney

Adam McKinney

Adam McKinney has been writing professionally for over seven years. Before and during his time as a writer, he’s been involved in the South Sound arts scene, beginning with his stint as a volunteer and, later, projectionist at Tacoma’s Grand Cinema. For a couple of years, he was the director […]