Kate Ayers

by Alec Clayton for OLY ARTS

Olympia Family Theater’s “Let’s Play Daytime Shows” are interactive shows for young children, performed on the first Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every month. All shows this season are adapted and directed by Kate Ayers. They’re performed by local actors and are generally about 30 minutes long.

“We have so much fun!” Ayers said. “Our productions contain elements of simplicity, which fosters imagination in our audience members, and we try to incorporate identifiable objects–ones that children may see at home–by using them in a new way. A watch can be a compass or blowing bubbles can substitute for a sword fight. I feel it’s important to keep our folklore and fairy-tale knowledge alive in the next generations. The themes in our folklore–good versus evil, loss, loyalty, caring–teach moral lessons in a fun way. Children can identify with Red Riding Hood when she meets the wolf. I love it! I love to look out over the audience and see all the young faces engaged and enchanted over our silliness. It’s a highlight to my month. We use a lot of physicality bringing these stories to life. Often one actor will be playing three or four different characters with many quick costume changes and silly voices. It’s as fun for us as it is for our audience members.”

This year’s series begins with Mother Goose in September, followed by Snow White in October and Hansel and Gretel in November.

What: Let’s Play Daytime Shows

Where: Olympia Family Theater,
612 Fourth Ave. E, Olympia

When: Mother Goose runs 10:30 a.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 12 and 15-17

How much: $5

Learn more: 360-570-1638 | OlyFT.org