Call for Arts Walk Cover Art

by Christina Butcher for OLY ARTS

Last week, the City of Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation Department and Olympia Arts Commission issued an open call to artists for 2017 spring and fall Arts Walks. Two artists will be commissioned to design new artwork for the covers of upcoming Arts Walk maps. Artwork will be selected by a panel of jurists, who will choose pieces that reflect a diversity of style, media and content both at Arts Walk and throughout Olympia.

Submitting artists must have officially participated in Arts Walk within the last two years to be considered for the award, which includes a $600 prize. “That way the cover is reflective of artwork visitors will see there, and to make sure the cover artist is invested in the event and the community,” says Stephanie Johnson, arts and events program manager for the City of Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation Department and professional liaison to the Arts Commission.

Since it began in 2000, Arts Walk has been a highly visible celebration of multidisciplinary art in Olympia. It draws 10,000 to 15,000 people to the downtown area every April and October. Each year, community members come together for street performances, live music, fine art and hands-on activities. Olympia’s famous Procession of the Species, a parade highlighting humans’ relationship to the natural world, is featured at each spring Arts Walk. In fall 2016, over 400 artists and events were included in the Oct. 7 Arts Walk. Even more are expected to participate in the upcoming spring event on April 28 and 29, 2017.

The Olympia Arts Commission supports visual, performing, and literary arts in the community. The commission is working on the Traffic Box Mural Wrap Public Art Project, which involves wrapping 10 east-Olympia transit boxes with original, local artwork printed on vinyl. The project’s aim is to beautify the city and reduce graffiti and subsequent costs of removal. In total, 131 designs were submitted by artists and posted online for community members to vote on in July. Over 25,000 votes were placed, and the top 10 designs were recommended to the City Council. Approval of the designs was granted October 25. Installation is expected this winter.

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Mary Wojnar
Mary Wojnar

[/lgc_column]The youngest artist selected by the Traffic Box Mural Wrap Public Art Project was Mary Wojnar, 17 at the time of her application, now a student in the art department of the University of Washington. Wojnar’s submitted painting, “Spiral Galaxy,” will be installed at Harrison Ave. and Yauger Way. In her artist statement, Wojnar wrote, “I’ve (used) similar galaxy designs on shoes and phone cases I’ve painted for friends…I hope to pursue a career after college that incorporates what I love doing through my art, and hopefully inspire others with what I create.” Wojnar adds,“I like challenging myself—doing something that is remarkable to others.”

“I have a fascination for astronomy,” Wojnar told OLY ARTS, “and a huge representation of my personality comes from my love for astronomy and astrology. I love imagining our origin to be derived from interstellar space…A lot of our physical makeup comes from the stars overhead, and I find that concept beautiful.”

The other nine artists selected for the west side of Olympia were Yelizaveta Bakhtina, Robyn Chance, Juliet Frew, Tai Hicks, Jennifer Kuhns, Nikki McClure, Carrie O’Neill, Dave Sanders and Jane Wingfield. In addition to second pieces by Chance, Hicks, Kuhns, McClure, Sanders and Wingfield, artists selected for the 10 traffic box wraps downtown were Doyle Fanning, Robert Hunter, deAnna McDonald Lopez and Mimi Williams.

What: call to artists for Arts Walk 2017 cover art

When:  Oct. 24 – Nov. 16, 2016

Learn more: email | city of Olympia

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