Masterworks Choral Ensemble

Jingle: A Christmas Celebration

by Jennifer Crain for OLY ARTS On December 3, the Masterworks Choral Ensemble’s annual Christmas concert kicks off the Yuletide season. Gary Witley, director of the community chorus since he helped found it in 1981, says listeners can expect a family friendly evening with traditional favorites, sing-alongs and tunes to make them laugh. “Every Christmas …

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Governor Inslee twitpic

Governor Inslee and the First Lady Celebrate the Holidays

by Ned Hayes for OLY ARTS The Inslee family has several traditions that revolve around family, and this year the first couple of Washington state was happy to share its traditions with OLY ARTS. According to first lady Trudi Inslee, Gov. Jay Inslee willingly transforms into an artist and storywriter over the holidays, as he’s …

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Olympia Toy Run, photo by Jimmi Davies

Get Your Motor Runnin’ for Olympia Toy Run

by Jonah Barrett for OLY ARTS Once a year, the streets of Olympia close for a few hours as thousands of motorcycles roar down Pacific Avenue onto State, Capitol, Fifth and Deschutes Parkway. This is the 39th-annual Olympia Toy Run. Toys and proceeds are donated to the Salvation Army. They get there by being strapped …

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Jill Carter's preparation for The Nutcracker

Jill Carter’s Land of the Sweets

READ COMPLETE JILL CARTER INTERVIEW HERE >> PRINT ARTICLE BELOW >> by Ned Hayes for OLY ARTS When the curtain first rose on Jill Carter’s original set design for Land of the Sweets 20 years ago, there was a gasp from the audience, followed by a round of applause. The audience cheered for the scenic design …

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Jill Carter’s Land of Sweets (Complete Interview)

READ PRINT ARTICLE HERE >> COMPLETE INTERVIEW BELOW >> by Ned Hayes for OLY ARTS Here’s a holiday story: Once upon a time, a talented, young woman began a ballet class but fell in love with the scenery instead of the dancing. That was merely the beginning of her story. Jill Carter was fortunate to …

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