Weekend Preview: Feb. 10, 2017

WEEKEND PREVIEW is your weekly guide to events in Thurston County. This week, there’s no shortage of highly anticipated musical performances, exquisite dance or thought-provoking theater to keep you entertained. Get ready for a full lineup of arts and culture in Olympia!

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Kick up your heels at the opening of The Oly Old Time Festival with teen fiddle-and-folk band The REDS at South Bay Grange.

Get in tune with the musical stylings of Strings Attached, a classical concert by Emerald City Music, at The Washington Center.

Wrap yourself in the haunting sounds of the season at the Olympia Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Shadows concert at The Washington Center.



[lgc_column grid=”20″ tablet_grid=”20″ mobile_grid=”20″ last=”false”]Aphra Behn (J Benway) and Nell Gwyn (Shannon Agostinelli) in Or,[/lgc_column]
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Tap into the silliness of carnivorous plants and alien domination at Little Shop of Horrors at Tumwater High School.

Enjoy the political intrigue and love triangle of Or, at Olympia Little Theatre.



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Oliver Wevers[/lgc_column]
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Let yourself be swept away by the contemporary dance of Whim W’Him at the Minnaert Center for the Arts.

Delight in the burlesque variety show Tassel Tuesday at Rhythm & Rye.

Pull your loved one close as you enjoy the aerial grace of Ups and Downs: An Aerial Valentine at Rhythm & Rye.


Books and Words

[lgc_column grid=”20″ tablet_grid=”20″ mobile_grid=”20″ last=”false”]Megan Snyder-Camp[/lgc_column]
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Appreciate the poetic musings of Megan Snyder-Camp at the Olympia Poetry Network’s monthly reading and open-mic session at Traditions Café and World Folk Art.

Step into the story at Heartsparkle Players’s collaborative improv show, Our Passion for Books, at Traditions Café.


Other Events

[lgc_column grid=”20″ tablet_grid=”20″ mobile_grid=”20″ last=”false”]Adult Swim: Love & Magnets (2015)[/lgc_column]
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Tinker with romantic biochemistry at Adult Swim: Love and Reactions at the Hands On Children’s Museum.




[lgc_column grid=”20″ tablet_grid=”20″ mobile_grid=”20″ last=”false”]Our Town cast members Brian Tyrrell, Clarke Hallum and McKenna Soderberg[/lgc_column]
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Keep the life and memory of a local activist alive at My Name is Rachel Corrie at Harlequin Productions’ State Theater.

Break the fourth wall while watching the metatheatrical play Our Town at Olympia High School.

Challenge the status quo while watching Starry Messenger at Olympia Family Theater.

Squeeze in a showing of the short-but-sweet plays of Timberline High School’s Winter One-Acts Festival.


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