New Drama at Olympia High School

by Tom Simpson for OLY ARTS

Kathy Dorgan, Olympia High School’s Julliard-fellow drama teacher, is bringing to the South Sound a four-act drama that opens next Friday, Oct 27. “Somewhere, Nowhere” is a theatrical play that provides a unique perspective on the high school experience.

“I chose this lovely play because the voices of the characters sounded like real kids I knew — I think the playwright has a gift for natural dialogue and making even silly situations seem quite recognizable and even commonplace,” says Dorgan.

“Somewhere, Nowhere” is composed of four sections, and the four acts correspond with the seasons of the year. Summer is first, as a group of small-town kids working at the Super Speedy Lube contemplate their senior year in high school and what lies beyond. Fall takes place at a pep rally where the dynamic social strata of high school students are explored. During the Winter act, a group of teens come to terms with their future hopes. In the Spring section of the show, all the pieces come together as the characters strive to realize their dreams in the context of their hometown.

“I kind of fell for the characters,” explains Dorgan. “The playwright is tender with them and I like that as well — if we poke fun at particular character types, it is gently and with affection.”

Dorgan believes that the show will resonate with local audiences, especially with young people who are conflicted about their place in Olympia. “How many of us feel one way or the other about the place we grew up? How many of us love or hate our hometown? Often it’s both at the same time.”

Participants in the production include several young dramatists with local stage experience, backed up by a superb and experienced ensemble cast. Lead characters in the show are played by Jesse Hanson, Kate Hayes, Annie Jerkovich, Jupiter Kenser, Adian Scuderi, and McKenna Soderberg.

Dorgan has been teaching and directing for 20 years at local high schools and at Olympia Family Theater, Olympia Little Theater and for other production companies regionally. She was awarded a Juilliard fellowship in 2015. Dorgan is also a member of the Drama Hall of Fame. Three past shows produced and directed by Dorgan at Olympia High School have been awarded prestigious 5th Avenue awards for outstanding high school drama.


What: Somewhere, Nowhere (high school drama)

When: 7:30 p.m. Fridays – Saturday, Oct. 27-28 / Nov. 3-4

Where: OHS Performing Arts Center
1302 North Street SE, Olympia, WA 98501

How much: $5-$8

Learn more: 360-596-7036 |  OHS Tickets Website

Due to recent changes on the Olympia High School website, online ticket purchasing is more complicated than in the past. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online (login, select Olympia High School, select Drama / Musicals, and then locate the show title “Somewhere, Nowhere”

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