Capital Lakefair Princesses 2018


Every year, Capital Lakefair gives the South Sound its own royal court, chosen in the spring from among junior girls at local high schools.

Here’s a look at the royal court for Capital Lakefair 2018:

Lakefair Queen Juliet Huttar

Juliet Huttar says she was shocked when given the title of Capital Lakefair queen. A student at Avanti High School, she plans to accelerate her college career by attending the Running Start program at South Puget Sound Community College, then go on to Saint Martin’s University to work on a degree in neuropsychology. She has a collection of small tiaras she gives to little girls. When she passes these girls in parades, she makes sure to give them a special wave.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity that Lakefair has provided,” she says, “no matter what obstacles that I face. I have Tourette’s Syndrome, and throughout my travels I have been able to demonstrate a positive aspect of having Tourette’s. I have been able to open the eyes of many people that having a disability should never hinder what you want to do in life.”

Lakefair Princess Sage Myers

Princess Sage Myers, from River Ridge High School, says she’s humbled “to represent an organization that truly gives back and encourages the community to be the best we can be.” She hopes to major in neurology or cardiology in college, with a minor in nutrition. “These will help promote my knowledge,” she says, “for when I go on to attend a medical school to pursue a career as a surgeon.”

Myers says she’s always been ambitious and active and continues to learn what it takes to lead and dream. “I will be the first-generation college graduate, medical school graduate and surgeon of my family,” she says. “These are paths in my story. And all of us young, empowering women get to tell our stories and our dreams and do things we truly have to work for. I am grateful to be a part of that.”

Lakefair Princess Mady Francesca Ravelo

Princess Mady Ravelo, a student at Tumwater High School, plans to join the Air Force to fulfill her dream of, as she says, “serving my adoptive country, which has given me endless opportunities in life as an immigrant.”

Ravelo says she feels blessed to be a member of the court. “It has been amazing to be able to travel everywhere,” she says, “and be a face of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater in parades and be around fellow winners with beautiful personalities. Not only that, it has been humbling to be able to participate in many local events and give back to our amazing community through events such as the South Sound Rotary auction, Arts Walk and more. This year will truly be one for the books.”

She says Lakefair speaking engagements have given her opportunities to “share the story of how my parents and I emigrated to America and the hardships we had to go through to adjust to a new culture. But with perseverance, nothing is impossible … This is special to me because I am given the opportunity to stand up for the minorities, immigrants and people of color who have experienced the same struggles as I did.”

Lakefair Princess Kady Hautala

Lakefair princess Kady Hautala is a student at Capital High School. “I feel extremely grateful to be on court,” she says. “This has been more fun and rewarding than I could’ve ever imagined.” She says the best part is getting to travel with fellow court members “around Washington and Canada, meeting new people and learning new skills — such as learning how to talk professionally and learning how to be flexible with whatever happens.”

Being a member of the royal court has given her opportunities to meet community leaders and gain such new experiences as face-painting, parades and princess readings. After graduating, she plans to attend a four-year university and become a social worker. She feels being on the court gives her a leg up on that dream. “I cannot think of a better way to be spending the next year than being on Lakefair Court,” she says. “I look forward to spreading kindness and positivity around Olympia.”

Lakefair Princess Kennedy Baydo

Princess Kennedy Baydo attends Timberline High School. She says she’s very happy she was chosen to be on the court. “The other girls and I get along,” she says. “We’ve already made so many memories together, and I can’t wait for more adventures.”

Her future plans are to attend a four year college and get her degree in education. “Growing up,” she says, “teachers have always make a really big impact on my life, and I’d love to be able to make a positive impact on others’ lives like they have made in mine. I want to be a teacher in elementary school or be a high-school, special-education teacher.”

“The best thing about being a Lakefair princess,” says Baydo, “has been the opportunities that I have been give within the community. This program has given me the opportunity to interact and meet so many people in the greater Olympia area. Being on court has been such a great opportunity, and I am so thankful for the program that I am now involved in and the love and support that I get from my family throughout each and every event.”

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