Bob Coble and Debra van Tuinen Show Complementary Painting and Sculpture

By Alec Clayton

Once again, Bob Cable and Debra van Tuinen grace the space at Waterstreet Café for Arts Walk. “I will be showing my new oils on canvas,” van Tuinen says. “I have a new series. ‘Light Revealed.’ That I am also showing at my show at Space gallery in Denver in July.”

Van Tuinen is celebrated for paintings that fill canvases with bright, sensuous color in free-flowing washes like rivers, waves or waterfalls. These are often varying tones of a single hue applied with wide, lilting strokes. “Bob Coble,” she adds, “my partner, is showing a new, metal and stone sculpture.”

Coble creates large, outdoor sculptures, two of which will be brought indoors and displayed alongside van Tuinen’s paintings. Each is about seven feet tall.

For the past five years, Coble’s been engaged in an oyster-restoration project, and he’s promised to use funds from selling his art for that project. “I have been planting about 8,000 seed oysters per year in 20 grow bags,” he says. “I release them into a larger, netted area after about a year. They spawn, and new, baby oysters form on the surrounding rocks.”

Photos of Coble’s welded-steel sculpture display monumental yet slender spires in natural settings. It should prove interesting to see how it’ll look inside a restaurant, next to van Tuinen’s complementary, abstract painting.


Debra van Tuinen and Bob Coble 


Waterstreet Café,

610 Water St. SW, Olympia 


5-10 p.m. Friday, April 26;

Noon – 8 p.m. Saturday, April 27





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