The Multidimensional World of Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist, a prolific painter, sculptor, ceramicist, knowledgeable curator, and he has a deeply moving voice which will touch your soul when you hear it. Johnson is a man with an easy smile and a friendly demeanor. Anything he sets his mind to, he follows through purposefully and unflinchingly; he is extremely serious about his art and art mentoring practices and if you spend time appreciating his many talents and disciplines, you’ll notice there is a strong common thread that runs through them.

South Sound Studio Tours Spring 2024

The South Sound Studio Tours in Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater offer unique opportunities to visit, watch and learn from South Sound artists who invite the public into their studios in commercial buildings and in their homes to view artworks (some for sale and some not), talk to the artists, watch them work and learn about equipment, materials and methods. There will be demonstrations and direct sales by artists.

Eclectic Art in the SPSCC Juror’s Invitational

“It’s an eclectic mix,” said Sean Barnes, the director and coordinator of the college’s Leonor R. Fuller Gallery about the SPSCC Juror’s Invitational, open through April 26. “It’s fun to go into shows where you have this eclectic work — to appreciate how that much diversity can exist in a single space.”

Don Freas Sculpting a Life

“I remember the crisis one day.” Sculptor Don Freas, already a well-respected craftsman who’d shown his furniture in galleries, said. “I said, ‘No, I can’t make a chair. I want to do something new.’ And it became a sculpture.” This retrospective at Childhood’s End Gallery in Olympia through April 21 is a meditation on Freas’ creative process.

Women’s Art at Olympia’s New MultiCare Women’s Center

Medical clinics can feel sterile and unwelcoming, so the idea of the art installation at the new MultiCare Women’s Center on McPhee Road is to populate the facility with the works of local female artists to inspire and comfort those who visit the clinic. The art is not open to the public but is there for the benefit of the center’s clients and to honor local artists.

‘Imagine Monet’ enlivens the paintings of impressionist master at Tacoma Armory

An immersive art exhibit, “Imagine Monet,” featuring giant projections of more than 200 paintings of Claude Monet is running at the Tacoma Armory through April 14. At “Imagine Monet”, you find yourself standing in a space surrounded on all sides by a panoply of color. The work of the iconic French impressionist is blasted onto the walls all around; on the floor even.

Erik Fremstad’s Unnatural Selections at Lakewold Gardens

The pictures in Unnatural Selections, animal portraits, by Erik Fremstad of Olympia on view beginning Feb. 16 at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, are each made up of thousands of words — and these words count. Selections are detailed, realistic depictions of iconic North American species done in pen and ink and watercolor.

Jill Carter’s Projected Valentine Mural

Frisky bunnies, owls, and other animals play amongst happy Valentine hearts inscribed with “True Love,” “Be Mine,” “I’m Yours,” and “Love Oly” on Jill Carter’s projected mural on the empty Goldberg Building in downtown Olympia.

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