Olympia Film Collective’s Studio Sessions


A film takes a village. The Olympia Film Collective (OFC) gathers that village and provides resources to catalyze its talents. OFC’s produced dozens of short films since its establishment in 2012, and one of its production venues is the OFC Studio.

We spoke with Brendon Thompson, a member of the studio committee, about the upcoming June 8 session.

OFC started utilizing a studio in 2015 and has produced 15 studio films so far. “We focus on one project at a time,” Thompson said, elaborating, “We run the gamut of the filmmaking process. Starts with a script, then we divvy out crew roles and start discussing actors that could work with the script.”

Then with a cast, crew and script OFC hits the studio, a soundstage where the crew can set up cameras, lighting and a set without succumbing to the imperfect natural light or distracting noise of the outside world.

“Sound is very important,” Thompson explained, “so much so that it is equally if not more important than the video for a short.” For many sessions, the committee would reimagine scenes from movies, but Thompson said, “This year we’re trying something a little different, writing shorts to go along with specific techniques that we’d like to try.”

For the upcoming session, the team at OFC will be experimenting with the “car-projector” shot. “We’ll be using a golf cart instead of a car,” Thompson specified, and the script, written by Riley Gibson, “centers on a young man looking to score a job as a mortician.”

The experimental nature of filming is a key point to OFC studio sessions, Thompson said. “The group is about experimenting and learning new things.” In fact, sessions are not only hands-on learning experiences for the committee but also for the public, to see and work within the filmmaking process. “Sessions are open to the public in the sense that anyone is welcome to join in on our reindeer games,” Thompson eluded. “We’ll most likely try to put you to work.”

For those who only want to watch the process, that’s welcome too, but remember: Silence is key.

Filmmaking is a combination of many creativities, from actors, directors, writers and every member of the crew. Movie magic blooms in the intersections. OFC Studio is a space for those intersections, and everyone is welcome to participate.


OFC Studio Sessions


Next session is 10 a.m. Saturday, June 8


TCMedia Studio,

440 Yauger Way SW Suite C, Olympia






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