Lacey in Tune: Larry G. Jones and ‘The Greatest Showman’

By Billy Thomas

From unbelievable impersonations to moving musical renditions and right-on comedy, Larry’s entertaining show weaves in all the essential elements of truly great entertainment: laughter, universal appeal, a range of emotions, a musical bedrock, and impeccable, spot-on timing for getting the message through.

Larry covers a lot of ground in his shows, but one thing that’s guaranteed is laughter — lots of it. And as everyone knows, laughter is the universal language of human connections, which is why Larry’s shows are so incredibly engaging. He loves what he does so much, he’s developed over 70 celebrity impersonations along the way and over the years, from George W. Bush to Cher.

At dusk will be a special presentation of The Greatest Showman on the big screen.


Lacey in Tune: Larry G. Jones and The Greatest Showman


Huntamer Park,

618 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey


7 p.m. Saturday, August 3

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