Lacey in Tune with Heart By Heart

Lacey Parks brings its popular Friday night “Lacey in Tune” concerts, kids programs, and movie nights downtown to Huntamer Park, kicking off on July 14 with Heart By Heart, the Seattle-based Heart-tribute rock band.

Lacey in Tune: Beatniks and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

By Billy Thomas The Beatnik history can be traced back to the steamy coffee shops and poetry dens of Soho in New York’s Greenwich Village. Today, the Beatnik legacy lives on in four young men who adhere to the ideology that music is more than a mere background for our lives. The band performs the …

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Lacey in Tune: Jeff Evans’ Out of This World Magic

By Billy Thomas What would one weigh on the moon? What would magic look like performed in the vacuum of space? Do space aliens exist? Jeff Evans’ show may bring up more questions than it answers, but kids and adults alike will have interstellar fun at this local magic show. What Lacey in Tune: Jeff …

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Lacey in Tune: Larry G. Jones and ‘The Greatest Showman’

By Billy Thomas From unbelievable impersonations to moving musical renditions and right-on comedy, Larry’s entertaining show weaves in all the essential elements of truly great entertainment: laughter, universal appeal, a range of emotions, a musical bedrock, and impeccable, spot-on timing for getting the message through. Larry covers a lot of ground in his shows, but …

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Lacey in Tune: Antic Arts

By Billy Thomas The Nomadic Theatre Co, based in Portland, Oregon, has been creating and performing original physical theatre shows since 2002. In a variety of physical theatrical forms including clown, mask, puppetry, dance, stilt-walking, and acrobatics, the Nomadic Theatre Co. strives to entertain and educate people through original theatre. What Lacey in Tune: Antic …

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Lacey in Tune: The Infinity Project and ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’

By Billy Thomas Seattle’s only locally based Journey Tribute act, The Infinity Project, is a collection of long standing Seattle and L.A. musicians who have banded together to celebrate both the history and ongoing success of one of Rock ‘N Rolls greatest hit makers. Covering music from Journey’s conception straight through to recent hits and …

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Lacey in Tune: Roberto the Magnificent

By Billy Thomas Every one of Roberto’s performances are filled with comedic chatter, breathtaking visual stunts and lots of audience participation. Audiences love his wild comical antics, high-energy pace and amazing stunts. Roberto the Magnificent’s “Crazy Comedy Stunt Show” is appealing to adults and children alike. When Roberto the Magnificent explodes onto the stage, audiences …

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Lacey In Tune: Recess Monkey

By Billy Thomas Recess Monkey is a Grammy-Nominated family music band from Seattle. These teachers-turned-rockers know how to get kids and families excited. Known for prolific, eclectic musical output and their contagiously exciting live shows, Recess Monkey strives to strike a balance between kid-centric ideas and musical authenticity. Lyrically, they weave jokes and puns together …

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Lacey in Tune: Reptileman and ‘Smallfoot’

By Billy Thomas Zoologist and educator Scott Petersen will present live reptiles in a 40-minute show that teaches the importance of all animals in nature and allows kids to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.  Following his show, join the Lacey Museum staff to search for Sasquatch. At dusk will be a …

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Lacey in Tune Celebrates 25 Years

By Jonah Barrett “There are many things that I like about Lacey in Tune. I love the stage,” proclaims musician Darren Motamedy. “It’s really rare to play on a stage that is designed for musicians.” Lacey in Tune begins again this July, organized by Lacey Parks and Recreation supervisor Jeannette Sieler. Planning a summer-long entertainment series …

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