The Olson Bros Band

The Olson Bros Band at Lacey in Tune

by Christian Carvajal for OLY ARTS The Olson brothers of Olympia, Isaac and Luke, formed a country act in 2011. They won the 2013 Capital Lakefair Battle of the Bands and a national songwriting contest with “Sunrise,” an original song they performed at the Grand Ole Opry. That song was inspired by the natural beauty …

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MissyG Band

MissyG Band at Lacey in Tune

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS While there are certainly plenty of talented country artists in America these days, there was a golden age for country music that ran from roughly the late ’50s through the ’70s. It was in these times that the so-called “outlaw country” of people like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris …

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Blues County Sheriff

Blues County Sheriff at Lacey in Tune

by Alec Clayton for OLY ARTS Get ready for a toe-tapping extravaganza from old-style-blues band Blues County Sheriff. Band members say they live to have fun and put on a great show. “Forget the myth that blues is sad music,” they say. “Our blues will make you dance. Expect humor and lots of audience interaction. …

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Spike and the Impalers

Spike and the Impalers at Lacey in Tune

by Christina Butcher for OLY ARTS Spike and the Impalers, the classic-rock, alter-ego band comprising radio hosts Spike O’Neill and Bob Rivers of The Bob Rivers Show on KJR (95.7 FM), brings pure entertainment to the stage. Along with Rivers and O’Neill, the Seattle-based cover band includes Scott Adams, Steve Hanna, Jeff Kathan, Susan Kendall-Morais, …

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The Brass Patriots

The Brass Patriots at Lacey in Tune

by Christina Butcher for OLY ARTS Some bands are as diverse in their musical abilities as their members are. The Brass Patriots, a 16-member, military-music ensemble led by Chief Warrant Officer Scott Pierson, is absolutely one of those bands. The ensemble plays a wide variety of music, including formal and ceremonial music, street brass-band music, …

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Scott Cossu

Scott Cossu at Lacey in Tune

by Molly Gilmore for OLY ARTS Nationally known pianist Scott Cossu, who recently received a lifetime-achievement award from One World Music Radio, was one of the original Windham Hill artists. He keeps a sense of humor about his place in the new-age canon, describing his music as “new-and-improved age” and “heavy mental.” His latest recording, …

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High Sierra Jazz Band

High Sierra Jazz Band at Lacey in Tune

by Alec Clayton for OLY ARTS Three Rivers, California at the entrance to the Sequoia National Park is a long way from New Orleans, but it’s home to The High Sierra Jazz Band. Listeners to the band can focus on the stage, close their eyes and be transported into Preservation Hall on Bourbon Street to …

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