John Serembe

John Serembe serves as OLY ARTS Business Manager. Originally from New York, John has lived and worked all around the country, but is now proud to call Olympia his home. He is known locally as an Equity actor, projection designer and graphic artist for Harlequin Productions. John has spent over 25 years in graphic design, brand consulting, and copywriting for startups as well as many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AT&T, Harley-Davidson, Yahoo, eBay, PepsiCo, Nissan, Pfizer, P&G, Apple and many others, mostly through his work with Kantar Added Value, a global leader in market and brand insights, as a Creative Director. When not concentrating on the arts, John is an avid tabletop RPG creator, and loves cooking and walking throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his wonderful family.