Use Your Words at Saint Martin’s Summer Creative Writing Institute

by Ned Hayes for OLY ARTS

Fiction writers will spread their creative wings at the Summer Creative Writing Institute at Saint Martin’s University this summer. If you apply before April 29, you could be one of only 15 writers who are chosen as participants.

The second-annual Summer Writing Institute takes place at Saint Martin’s University from June 4 to 10. For one week, this select community of authors write, study and support one another as they cultivate their own creativity. Acclaimed Olympia novelist Jim Lynch will be their muse and guide. Three of Lynch’s bestselling novels have been set in western Washington, including Before the Wind, The Highest Tide and Truth Like the Sun. During the Writing Institute, Lynch will share his experience as a storyteller as well as his knowledge of the writing business.

“We are delighted to have Jim back for 2017’s summer institute,” says Olivia Archibald, institute director. Other participants in the institute will include four guest writers as well as renowned playwright Bryan Willis, who’ll lead an afternoon workshop on the craft of playwriting. “In focusing on Pacific Northwest writers, we are realizing the tremendous wealth of authors we have in this part of the country,” Archibald says.


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