Pigs on the Wing Take Flight

by Adam McKinney for OLY ARTS

The Wall, a flamboyant, nearly 90-minute concept album, is a towering monument of self-indulgence — and in this case, that’s a good thing. It’s a textbook example of a band given free rein to follow every tangential whim and conceptual side street, but the resulting record is chock-full of exhilarating discursions. Pink Floyd tribute band Pigs on the Wing will perform The Wall in its entirety during a number of upcoming tour dates, one of which is May 20 at Rhythm & Rye. Comprising guitarists Jason Baker and David Lindenbaum, drummer Bryan Fairfield, saxophonist Pete Galluzzo, keyboardist Matt Jones, vocalist Keeley St. Clair and bassist Eric Welder, Pigs on the Wing strives to bring the boys of Pink Floyd, of which two members are now deceased, back home.

Pigs on the Wing borrows its name from the bookending songs of Pink Floyd’s Animals. In general, tribute bands get a bad rap, but a great tribute band is like a great impressionist: When it works, it’s like seeing the real thing, maybe better. A tribute band isn’t plagued with the boozing and fame complexes from which the people they’re imitating may suffer.

Capturing what made Pink Floyd iconic is a hard thing to do, and Pigs on the Wing come as close as anyone we’ve heard. That looming mystique, that inscrutable grandiosity, that ability to lick the tender parts of our brains and get us really thinking — Those qualities are alive and well with Pigs on the Wing.

What: Pigs on the Wing

Where: Rhythm & Rye,
311 Capitol Way N, Olympia

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, May 20

How much: $12

Learn more: 360-705-0760 | Pigs on the Wing

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