Random Waters: Dance in the Fountain

by Christina Butcher for OLY ARTS

On a clear, summer day, the view from the Heritage Park Fountain in Olympia is nothing short of stunning. The Capitol rises behind a line of cherry trees to meet blue sky as jets of water shoot upward, delighting park visitors. It’s the perfect backdrop for public performances, and Random Acts of Dance Collective, a local dance troupe celebrating dance through community collaboration, will take full advantage as it brings Random Waters: Dance in the Fountain to the park on July 29.

“I always wanted to do a piece outdoors, an environmental piece, so I’ve been really excited about this performance,” said Susan Gresia, one of RADCo’s founders. “Since this fountain was built, it’s been a great place for people to congregate and for kids to play. The dynamics of water, the shooting jets, the sound, the location — It all makes it a joyous place to be.” The Random Waters performance will take place in the center of Heritage Park Fountain and will include community collaboration and the use of costumes and props including flippers, snorkels and umbrellas. “We’re hoping to have structured improv in the piece if the audience is willing,” continued Gresia. “I’m also hoping to have live music so anyone in the community can dance to live drums.”

RADCo was founded in 1999 by Gresia, Mary Nelson and two other individuals from Wild Grace Arts. The troupe holds regular workshops and public performances that feature contemporary and modern dance styles. Its dancers vary greatly in age and experience, with participants as young as their early 20s and as old as their late 70s. “A lot of people in our group danced in their youth,” Gresia said. “Some of them have been in dance companies, taught at a college level or are just community folks. We have a whole range of people that come through RADCo. That’s what I love about it.” In addition to choreographing and performing with RADCo, Gresia teaches Gyrotonic and yoga. She studied dance and performance at Cornish College of the Performing Arts, The Evergreen State College and University of Washington. She confirmed RADCo will continue its trend of performing at Olympia Fall Arts Walks with a performance at the event this fall, held October 5 and 6.

What: Random Waters: Dance in the Fountain

When: 5:30 p.m. Saturday, July 29

Where: Heritage Park Fountain,
330 Fifth Avenue SW, Olympia

How much: free

Learn more: 360-556-2619 | Facebook

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