A Mosaic Mural for the Plum Street Tiny Home Village

By Alec Clayton

For three days in July, volunteers will get together to create a mosaic mural for the Plum Street Tiny Home Village in Olympia. Participants will create a welcome sign measuring roughly three by five feet comprising several small, house-shaped mosaics. The project is spearheaded by Stacey Waterman-Hoey, director and founder of Arbutus Folk School.

We are inviting all of the village residents, nearby neighbors and businesses and the Olympia community to participate,” Waterman-Hoey says. “Our hope is that we can all learn more about each other while working side by side on this creative activity, and that this experience will build understanding about each other.”

Each community participant will create a small, tiny-house tile, which can take as little as an hour to complete. Once these individual houses are finished, Jennifer Kuhns of JK Mosaics will arrange them into a large welcome sign that’ll greet visitors entering the village.

“Our current funding allows for roughly 40 small tiles that will be used in the welcome sign,” says Waterman-Hoey, “but if we are successful with additional donations, we would like to make additional, tiny-house tiles to be added to the houses in the village, perhaps with house numbers on them.”

Waterman-Hoey adds, “The project is scalable, and the more donations we receive the more participants we can accommodate, and the more projects we can make for the village.” Arbutus, a local, non-profit folk arts school, is reaching out to the community for donations. “We believe strongly that making art in community with others creates a powerful opportunity to break down barriers and improve understanding across differences.”

The Plum Street Tiny House Village is a temporary site to provide managed, stable shelter for 40 to 50 people experiencing homelessness in Olympia. Arbutus Folk School is a community art center offering classes in ceramics, fiber arts, woodworking and other folk arts.


Plum Street Village Community Mosaic Project


Plum St. Village, Plum St. and Union Avenue, Olympia


1 p.m. Thursday – Saturday, July 18-20


Free (advance registration online or by phone)




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