OLY ARTS Cover Artist Lonnie Spikes

by Ned Hayes for OLY ARTS

Lonnie L. Spikes Jr. is the artist whose piece “Fly Away” graces the cover of the Fall Arts Walk edition of OLY ARTS. “Fly Away” was created by Spikes after the death of a relative. During the funeral procession, Spikes noticed a monarch butterfly resting on a cross above the interment site. Spikes found himself moved by the monarch’s long journey, which seemed to him to parallel the journey of the soul.

Spikes came to OLY ARTS’ attention through the Olympia City Arts Commission, which features his work at Arts Walk. Spikes is largely self-taught but has taken courses in a variety of artistic media. He began his career as a cartoonist and sketch artist but has settled on oils and watercolors as his chosen media. His work is diverse in its use of color, intensity and perspective. He calls it “eclectic and prolific … impressionistic and full of guarded unpredictability.”

Spikes is a Detroit native and military veteran who settled in Lacey in 2006. He also works as a human-resource manager and finds a further creative outlet through his work connections to other people.

What: Lonnie L. Spikes Jr.

When: Oct. 6-8

Where: Hot Toddy,
410 Capitol Way S, Olympia

How much: free

Learn more: 360-753-0868 | Hot Toddy

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