The Wedding Singer


If a man made his career by setting the mood for the happiest moment in a couple’s life, how could he continue after having his heart shattered by a cruel ex-lover? That’s the idea examined, however lightly, by The Wedding Singer, the 1998 Adam Sandler film considered by many to be his best. The titular wedding singer is Robbie, a good-hearted guy who sinks into the pits of despair when his girlfriend suddenly leaves him. Luckily, a romance soon blossoms between Robbie and a waitress named Julia.

It’s a cut-and-dry romantic comedy but unusually sweet Sandler vehicle, and it’s ’80s setting and ’90s release lend it nostalgia for two different decades. With its main character’s occupation and loving references to ’80s pop, it was a no-brainer for adaption to a musical, nd that was accomplished in 2006. The film even has “Grow Old With You,” a legitimately lovely ditty by Sandler that already sounds like the tear-jerking climax to a musical.

The musical version of The Wedding Singer is being staged by Broadway Olympia Productions with direction by Blake R. York, who seems to spend time in more facets of local theater than humanly possible.

“I saw it when it premiered in Seattle, with Stephen Lynch as Robbie,” says York. “It sounds kind of hokey, but it really is a very fun show. It’s funny, it’s energetic and it is one of those shows that you strictly go to to have a good time. I hope that it is a step away from the everyday life that we’re going through nowadays.”

Update Feb. 15, 2019: Here is how you can see The Wedding Singer and support Broadway Olympia Productions at the same time.


The Wedding Singer


8 p.m. Friday – Sunday, Feb. 15-17;

2 p.m. Saturday – Sunday, Feb. 16-17


The Capitol Theater,

206 Fifth Ave. E, Olympia





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