OLY ARTS is made possible by endless dedication from the following people.
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Administrative Staff

Alec Clayton, executive editor, director

Gabi Clayton, digital publication manager, director

John Serembe, publishing & business manager, director

Lynette Charters Serembe, contributing writer, director

Ned Hayes, founder of OLY ARTS, director

Emeritus Leadership

Billy Thomas, publisher 2018-2022

Cody Taylor, operations 2018-2022

Current Contributing Writers

Alec Clayton

Christian Carvajal

Molly Gilmore

Ned Hayes

Nikki McCoy

Adam McKinney

James O’Barr

John Serembe

Molly Walsh

Bryan Willis

Past Contributing Writers

Jonah Barrett

Guy Bergstrom

Christina Butcher

Jennifer Crain

Rebekah Finn

Kameko Lashlee Gaul

Melissa Avril Harris

Yvonne Joyce

Nora Kovacs

Karen Lunde

Melinda Minton

McKenzie Murray

Jerica Pender

Rosemary Ponnekanti

Kelli Samson

Anna Schlecht

Noah Shachar

Kristopher Stewart

Tom Simpson

Cody Taylor

Billy Thomas

Lucia Volker